The magical journey of seed towards seedling

We’re highly delighted to introduce Solar energy based Automated seed sowing machine

We offer an efficient, automated solar energy based mechanized bot to the farmers for precision sowing seed and application of fertilizer.

Magical journey

We offer seed placement at different depth of soil, maintain proper spacing between seeds with the presence of adequate moisture and dispersion of exact amount of fertilizer to support the magical journay of seed to seedling.

Healthy crop

We offer the solar energy based battery fed electric vehicle which is environment friendly and create an impact of healthy atmosphere to promote the healthy growth of the baby plant.

Precision farming

We are offering a new technology to enhance crop yield and profitability where lowering the wastage of seed and fertilizer. Automatic path management and self turning of the vehicle in a proper sequence forces it to complete the whole field in a fastest way to save energy. sensor based soil moisture measuring unit ensures the seeding proces. Remote sensing hand gesture control makes it suitable for transportation of agri-product. Mobile app based control system makes it handy for decision making and crop management. 

About Us

We care your health, thus provide an environment friendly precision seed sowing machine which initiates the healthy growth of the seedling and support organic farming. Its compact size and efficient adaptive control makes it suitable for terrace farming also. 


Evolution of farm machineries with green energy.


Impart innovation and viable automation for the agro industry to secure a sustainable future for food and advancement of rural communities


Enhance farm mechanisation
Growth of small industries
Solve unemployment
Reduce production cost
Clean environment


Solar energy based electric vehicle.
Precise placement of seed and fertilizer
Automatic path management
Initialization of seed and fertilizer dispersion based on moisture level of soil.
Seed planting of different seed sizes and fertilizer metering mechanism 
Seed  sown at different spacing and different depth of soil
Adjustable lever allows lifting furrow opener & closer
Wireless hand-gesture control


Single man power for filling the hopper
No vehicle needed to pull the bot
Bio compatible
One time investment
Saving of seeds as it will be placed precisely
Will increase the productivity
Curbs total cost of Cultivation

Patent filed

 Indian Patent published for the whole product. Patent title: A SOLAR POWERED AUTOMATED SEED SOWING BOT, File Ref. No. 202031036378.


Grow green with green energy…. Clean environment happy plant… healthy crop


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

This Automated Seed Sowing bot has relevant emphasis on cultivation technology which will give indigent harvesters a better future.

Dr.Rajib Karmakar

Assistant Professor and Officer in charge,
Member of Agro Research Team,
AINP on Pesticide Residue Lab,
Directorate of Research,
Research Complex Building,
Bidhan Chandra KrishiViswavidyalaya,
Kalyani, Nadia
PIN 741235, West Bengal

Solar energy based automated seed sowing machine is really an wonderful innovation in the field of agriculture. After viewing the working of the prototype model, we plan to be a distributor and reseller for the machine when  available.

Calcutta Builders

Business House-machinery distributor, Patrasayer, Bankura, West Bengal

It is very much required as during cultivation season, it is difficult to get adequate man power for seed sowing.

Moktar Midya & Sk. Amir Hussain

Farmer, Jemua village, Durgapur, Paschim Bardhhaman, West Bengal

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Our Team

Our venture will not be successful without the enormous help of our core team members, advisors and collaborators

Dr. Dola Sinha


Dr. Chaity Sarkar

Co Founder, Research & Development  Lead

Mr. Kingsuk Majumdar

Co Founder, Technical Lead

Mr. Tarun Dutta

Production Manager

Mr. Sujit Paul

Sales Manager

Mr. Ravi Sharma

Finance Manager

Dr. Shailendra Mathur

Technical Advisor, Specialized in Farm Mechanization

Mr. Rajarshi Roy Chowdhury

Legal advisor

Mr. Sushanta Karmakar

Digital Marketting Manager

Aparajita Solar


Dr. Chandan Bandyopadhyay

Data analyst and business planner

Latest News

Very soon… The Seed sowing bot will be available in Four different sizes…. Micro, Medium, Large and Ultra. The seed container be of 2kg for Micro model, 5kg for Medium model, 7kg for Large and 10kg for Ultra model. Hurry !! Pick up yours…

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